We import lamb from the most diverse climate zones around the world. Many breeds can be raised in these different climate zones in the northern as well as the southern hemispheres. The lambs can spend their entire lives on pastures in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland or Great Britain, where they feed on juicy grass, herbs and mother's milk.

The good geographic distribution ensures that we can offer fresh lamb throughout the year.


Lamb products

Due to the diversity of breeds, we can offer loin cuts and racks in different sizes. We can also deliver the required volumes of traditional lamb legs and extremely tender lamb tenderloins.

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Procurement & Sales    

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The employees in our logistics department are proven specialists. Whether by plane, ship, train or truck - they find the optimal solution for the transport of chilled and frozen meat. 

Story Behind the Scenes

Olivier Freiburghaus in portrait

With a focus on farm animals, Olivier Freiburghaus studied agricultural sciences at the ETH Zurich. In 2003 he took up his first position with the Aargau Cantonal Veterinary Office.