Agricultural Declaration Ordinance

If meat is imported from countries in which the use of hormonal and non-hormonal performance enhancers is not banned to the same extent as in Switzerland, the meat must be labelled for the end consumer in Switzerland in accordance with the Agricultural Declaration Ordinance (ADO, SR 916.51). 

This declaration must also be visible to the end consumer in Switzerland on the product if the animals have not been treated with these performance enhancers according to nationally applicable standards in the country of origin, but there is no equivalent ban as in Switzerland.

The following two sentences are mandatory by law for the declaration in Switzerland:

«Kann mit hormonellen Leistungsförderern erzeugt worden sein.»

«Kann mit nichthormonellen Leistungsförderern, wie Antibiotika, erzeugt worden sein.»

«Peut avoir été produit(e) avec des stimulateurs de performance hormonaux.»

«Peut avoir été produit(e) avec des stimulateurs de performance non hormonaux, tels que les antibiotiques.»

«Può essere stato prodotto con sostanze ormonali per aumentare le prestazioni degli animali.»

«Può essere stato prodotto con sostanze non ormonali, come gli antibiotici, per aumentare le prestazioni degli animali.»

«May have been produced using hormonal performance-enhancing substances.»

«May have been produced using non-hormonal performance-enhancing substances such as antibiotics.»

The meat in the GVFI range must be declared as follows based on the applicable legislation in Switzerland:

Deklaration von Importfleisch_6.3.2023

Déclaration de la viande importée_6.3.2023

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