With its high-quality protein, fat-soluble vitamins, minerals and trace elements, beef plays an important role in a balanced diet. Its exquisite taste also delights the taste buds. We import the best beef from various regions around the world. Our countries of origin enjoy weather conditions that are particularly beneficial to the welfare of the animals. Throughout the year, suckler cows and animals for fattening can be kept on large expanses of grassland. These grasslands no only service as an excellent source of feed, they also provide the animals with the space they need to satisfy their natural urge to move around from birth.

As the different countries of origin specialise in different breeds and cross-breeds, we can offer the right meat cuts for every need.


Beef products

In addition to the three prime cuts tenderloin, rump and striploin, we import a wide variety of other cuts, meat for processing and cow sides. Our specialists will be happy to advise you.  

Sandy Sprunger

Procurement & Sales
Australia, South America
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Markus Hunziker

 Procurement & Sales
Cows (Europe)
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Jose-Maria Lorenzo

Procurement & Sales
Europe and North America
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Giora Salzmann

Procurement & Sales
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Alex Schnitter

Procurement & Sales
Europe and North America
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