Horsemeat is one of the oldest foods eaten by humans. It is considered to be very healthy due to its low levels of cholesterol and high levels of iron and vitamins. The meat is characterised by its red to dark red colour. Its slightly sweet taste is caused by the high glycogen content.

Our horsemeat primarily comes from France and Spain. We only work with producers whose annual audits meet the minimum requirements of the Swiss manual on horse welfare. We will be happy to provide you with detailed information about this special animal welfare programme.

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Horse products

Our range includes a wide diversity of cuts. Our fresh and frozen horsemeat is available throughout the year. 

Markus Hunziker

Procurement & Sales
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Product quality and food safety are central to us. But we do not stop there. Sustainability must also be guaranteed - whether animal welfare, environmental protection or social aspects.

Behind the scenes

Olivier Freiburghaus in portrait

With a focus on farm animals, Olivier Freiburghaus studied agricultural sciences at the ETH Zurich. In 2003 he took up his first position with the Aargau Cantonal Veterinary Office.