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A flair for numbers

With a high school certificate and a diploma in accounting and management from a university of applied sciences, Steve Brom has been making sure that the figures add up at GVFI Ltd since August 2020. As accountant, he is in charge of the accounts receivable and accounts payable. He particularly appreciates “the variety of tasks and the cooperation with the sellers and buyers”. And he goes on to say: “The wide range of activities at GVFI offers me much more than one would expect of a job as accountant.” As a balance to the world of figures, this father of a young son spends time with his family, whom he cannot imagine being without, and plays sports. “I have been a passionate footballer since the age of three,” says Steve Brom. “In France I played as midfielder in the 4th league at FC Saint-Louis for nine years.” His love affair with football has lasted to this day, and Steve Brom enjoys wrestling for the ball as much as we enjoy the third half.

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A brief interview with Steve Brom

What motivates you about your job?
The wide range of activities at GVFI, but also the variety of tasks and the cooperation with the vendors and buyers.

What do you like to do best when you're not working?
I spend a lot of time with my family and am passionate about playing football as a midfielder for FC Saint-Louis.

How good a cook are you? 
I'm not much of a cook, but when I am, it tastes good to all my guests. Especially in summer during the barbecue season. A good entrecote from the grill with chimichurri sauce and chips. What else?


Steve Brom

Junior Accountant 
+41 61 264 50 84

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