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Passion from the cradle

Olivier Freiburghaus studied agricultural science with a major in farm animals at ETH Zurich. He started his first job with the Cantonal Veterinary Service of Aargau in 2003, where he was initially responsible for the enforcement of animal welfare legislation with regard to farm animals. Four years later, he took over as the head of the team responsible for the welfare of all pets, wild animals and farm animals. The father of two children has been working for GVFI as Head of Sustainability, Animal Husbandry & Animal Welfare since the end of 2013. His remit includes analysing the animal husbandry systems, animal transports and slaughter conditions of the suppliers. He also handles enquiries relating to the protection of the environment. Olivier prefers to spend his free time with this family, on the football field with his over-40 team, or taking photographs outside in nature. This family person explains his talents as a cook realistically and humorously: "I enjoy cooking, but not always with the same degree of success."

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A brief interview with Olivier Freiburghaus

What motivates you about your job?
Getting to know the farmers and analysing the many different agricultural production systems makes my work very diverse and interesting.

What do you like to do best when you're not working?
I spend a lot of time with my family. And I also like to play football in the over-40 team and take photographs of nature.

How good a cook are you? 
I see my talents as a cook realistically. This means that I enjoy cooking, but not always with the same degree of success.


Olivier Freiburghaus

Head of Sustainability & Animal Welfare 
+41 61 264 50 57

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