Angus and Herford from Irland

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Particularly sustainable conditions for Angus and Hereford from Ireland 

More than half the surface area of Ireland is used as pasture grazing for cattle and sheep. The island's location in the Atlantic Ocean combined with the effects of the Gulf Stream ensure that Ireland has a mild climate. Winters are relatively warm, while summers are cool. There is sufficient rainfall. These are perfect conditions for growing grass and for grazing Angus and Hereford cattle. The average size of family farms in the Emerald Isle is around 30 hectares, meaning that farmers live very close to their animals. The cattle are kept on pasture for as long as possible. They only spend winters in the barn as they would otherwise damage the wet turf. The animals are also well cared for in the barn, where they are fed grass silage and barley produced on the same farm in typical Irish fashion. Our Irish suppliers represent the Emerald Isle and personify its values by participating in the Origin Green programme and ensuring that they measure up to the standards of sustainable production at all times.

Olivier Freiburghaus

Head of Sustainability & Animal Welfare
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In addition to the three prime cuts fillet, sirloin and rump, we import a wide variety of other cuts, meat for processing and half cows. Our specialists will be happy to advise you.

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As GVFI regularly visits and buys directly from the suppliers, the conditions in which the livestock are kept and all the processes on the farm until the animals are sent for slaughtering are transparent.


GVFI is certified to the IFS Broker standard for meat imports. As a part of the value chain, the IFS Broker standard obliges GVFI to integrate suitable measures into its processes to ensure that the meat complies with quality standards and food safety conditions.

Selection of suppliers

GVFI applies strict criteria to the selection of suppliers. These include species-appropriate animal husbandry and pasture-based feeding. We require abattoirs to be certified to a globally recognised Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standard.

 "Our Irish suppliers represent the Emerald Isle and personify its values."


Olivier Freiburghaus

Head of Sustainability & Animal Welfare

Useful information

  • Most Black Angus cattle are descendants of Old Jock and Old Granny. These two were selected as a breeding pair by Hugh Watson in Scotland in 1842.

  • GVFI's suppliers are members of Origin Green and exhibit great commitment to all aspects of environmental protection.

  • The Angus and Hereford breeds are considered to be calm, docile and robust.

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