At GVFI Ltd, we dedicate all our efforts to a good piece of meat. The process starts with the careful selection of our producers. This results in what we love best - a first-class cut of meat. As a flexible importer with a long-standing network of proven suppliers, we procure excellent meat from animal-friendly, natural and resource-conserving breeding everywhere in the world.


Our range of meat


With its high-quality protein, fat-soluble vitamins, minerals and trace elements, beef plays an important role in a balanced diet.


We mainly import pork from our neighbouring countries of Germany and Austria.


We import lamb from the most diverse climate zones around the world.


Our veal comes from France, Italy and Holland. Veal is popular for its natural aroma, tenderness and uniquely mild taste.


Poultry is very popular as a low-fat source of easily digestible protein, vitamins and minerals.


Our range of game includes venison, roe deer and wild boar. The game imported from Germany, Austria and Spain is procured exclusively from controlled and professional hunting.


Horsemeat is one of the oldest foods eaten by humans. It is considered to be very healthy due to its low levels of cholesterol and high levels of iron and vitamins. 

Animal by-products

Are you interested in animal by-products? We will certainly be able to find what you are looking for - even specialities such as calf's liver, beef tongue or ox cheek.

GVFI in brief

From competent advice to global procurement and punctual delivery - at GVFI, a well-oiled team of proven experts works to ensure the successful import of top-class products.

  • 120 years of experience

  • 30 dedicated employees

  • 136 carefully selected producers

  • 7 types of delicious meat

  • 25 countries of origin around the globe

Other exciting insights


Product quality and food safety are of key importance to us. But this is not all. Sustainability must also be guaranteed - with regard to animal welfare, environmental protection and social aspects.

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