Meat is our passion

GVFI Ltd is the number one partner for meat imports in Switzerland. We serve as the hub to the global market for our more than 100 customers. Our success is founded on the trust built up over decades between all partners – from producers to consumers.

With great commitment and passion, we import first-class products from many regions around the world. At our head office in Basel, we coordinate joint sourcing through a worldwide network. State-of-the-art logistics processes and our wealth of knowledge guarantee nationwide distribution.

Further services include the fiduciary management of import quotas for customers and shareholders.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of five members. They are elected every year for the next year's term. The Vice-Chairman changes every year.
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From left to right: Peter Hinder, Michel Gerber, Peter Kofmel (president), Lorenz Wyss (retired as of 1 May 2024), Otto Humbel

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Marco Tschanz (New Member of the Board of Directors of GVFI as of 1 May 2024)

Executive Board

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Willem von Doorn (COO), Sam Sprunger (CEO), Alexander Matejcek (CFO)
"GVFI is the leading provider of first-grade meat in Europe. Based on more than a century of experience, GVFI coordinates joint sourcing through a worldwide network and applies state-of-the-art technology and continuously developing logistics expertise to ensure nationwide distribution."

Sam Sprunger


Consumption figures

As confirmed by the following figures*, we make an enormous contribution to the supply of meat in Switzerland.

Imports in tonnes in CHF 1,000
Beef 19,300 244,400
Veal 450 3,000
Pork 3,600 7,400
Lamb 6,000 88,600
Poultry 12,450 70,300
Game 550 7,200
Horse meat 350 5,400
Animal by-products 100 1,100
Total 42,800 427,400

* Consolidated figures for the GVFI Group for the 2023 financial year

Other exciting insights

Story Selection of Suppliers

Poultry farm in Brazil

We buy our meat from poultry farms located in the Brazilian back country between São Paulo and Porto Alegre. This southern region of Brazil has a good climate for keeping chickens in coops that do not have fixed walls.

A century of milestones

GVFI's story started at the beginning of the 20th century. To protect their freedom of trade and enterprise and to defend themselves against state interference, local livestock dealers founded the Association of Swiss Livestock Importers in 1902. During the next century and beyond, GVFI invested much work and passion into writing its own personal success story.

1902 Foundation of the Association of Swiss Livestock Importers
1947 Foundation of the Cooperative for Livestock and Meat Trading (GVFH) with commercial imports as its main purpose
1973 Change of name to the Cooperative for Livestock and Meat Import (GVFI)
1974 Start of the commercial import business for quotas of cattle, veal and pork for Cooperative members only. Progressive diversification to include imports of lambs, lamb meat, US and high-quality beef and exports of surplus meat from Switzerland
1989 Diversification of the import range to include poultry, game and horsemeat
2000 Change of the corporate form to GVFI International Ltd
2009 Foundation of the subsidiary company GVFI Europe B.V. with head office in Rotterdam
Takeover of the long-standing partner Myon B.V. with head office in Rotterdam
2010 Foundation of the GVFI Europe B.V. branch in London 
2014 New corporate image for GVFI
2017 Sale of Myon B.V.
2021 Change of name to GVFI Ltd

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