Species-appropriate, environmentally benign and responsible

Product quality and food safety are of key importance to us. But this is not all. Sustainability must also be guaranteed - with regard to animal welfare, environmental protection and social aspects. We therefore join forces with our suppliers to consistently improve our performance in the areas of ANIMALS, CLIMATE and PEOPLE.

Animal welfare

No compromises are made when it comes to the treatment of animals. We only want to import meat from animals that are kept, transported and slaughtered sustainably and in a manner befitting their species. We regularly visit the farms in the countries of origin in order to assess their animal welfare standards. In our analyses, we compare local husbandry practices to the minimum requirements of Swiss animal welfare legislation. We note both the aspects that exceed these requirements and those that fall short. We provide all customers with transparent reports on the results. Producers who fail to meet our requirements are excluded as suppliers.

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GVFI has built up long-standing relationships with its suppliers around the globe. Due to regular exchanges and mutual visits, our specialists understand the whole process and can provide our customers with the best possible advice about all options.

Lamb products

Due to the diversity of breeds, we can offer loin cuts and racks in different sizes. We can also deliver the required volumes of traditional leg of lamb and extremely tender lamb fillets.

Olivier Freiburghaus

Head of Sustainability & Animal Welfare 
+41 61 264 50 57

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The employees in our logistics department are proven specialists. Whether by plane, ship, train or truck - they find the optimal solution for the transport of chilled and frozen meat.