Our range of game includes venison, roe deer and wild boar. The game imported from Germany, Austria and Spain is procured exclusively from controlled and professional hunting. Thanks to the well-oiled logistics concept applied by the hunters and abattoirs, the carcasses are cooled very shortly after being shot in the wild.

In New Zealand, elk and deer are kept in very large enclosures with high fences on juicy and green pastures where they live naturally in species-appropriate herds.


Game products

Our specialists can provide you with expert advice about our range of game products. Please contact us in good time before the start of the game season to make sure that you will receive the right volumes and cuts from your preferred countries of origin.

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Procurement & Sales
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Procurement & Sales
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Procurement & Sales

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Quality Management

Quality is firmly anchored in our thinking and actions. To ensure that the products meet our requirements, we carry out a series of checks. During the incoming goods inspection, for example, we check compliance with the product specification and declaration as well as the packaging and presentation of the goods.