High quality standards

GVFI plays a leading role in the supply chain for meat imports. Our process of selecting suppliers has a lasting impact on the value chain. GVFI has been certified as IFS Broker since 2012, thus ensuring that our employees can take their day-to-day decisions in accordance with specific guidelines. Certification also confirms that all processes from production and cut specifications to transport material, transport conditions and the inspection of incoming goods are monitored. For this process, GVFI follows international standards and the requirements of our customers.

Quality is deeply entrenched in our thoughts and conduct. To ensure that all products meet our requirements, we carry out a number of checks. Incoming goods are checked to ensure their compliance with product specifications and declaration obligations as well as packaging and presentation requirements. When analysing products, we take microbiological samples, identify the type of animal and carry out tests for residues such as antibiotics, growth promoters, dioxin and heavy metals. All checks are done in line with our motto "The law as guarantee. Voluntary efforts as a plus.

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GVFI has built up long-standing relationships with its suppliers around the globe. Due to regular exchanges and mutual visits, our specialists understand the whole process and can provide our customers with the best possible advice about all options.

Robert Kreidl

Head of Quality Management
+41 61 264 50 51

Giora Salzmann

Junior Quality Manager
+41 61 264 50 95

Beef products

In addition to the three prime cuts fillet, sirloin and rump, we import a wide variety of other cuts, meat for processing and half cows. Our specialists will be happy to advise you.

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The employees in our logistics department are proven specialists. Whether by plane, ship, train or truck - they find the optimal solution for the transport of chilled and frozen meat.