Lawless but cattle appropriate

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Lawless and cattle appropriate

Under natural conditions, cattle graze across pastures and cover several kilometers per day. As social animals, they live together in herds and the mother animals lead their calves, which feed on the milk and the pasture. 

In the countries of the southern hemisphere where GVFI buys beef, the animals are kept permanently on large pastures. Due to the permanent pasture keeping, the climatic conditions around the animals cannot be influenced as in stable keeping, but the animals have adapted optimally to the given environmental conditions over the years. For this reason, breeds that have a proportion of Bos indicus genetics are used in the rather hotter regions, while in the rather cooler regions European fattening breeds can be fattened purebred. That the animals feel comfortable in their husbandry environment is shown, among other things, by their healthy musculoskeletal system and very good daily gains. In addition to the choice of the optimal breed, the pastures are prepared in such a way that there are areas for the different needs of the mother animals depending on their reproductive stage, but also pastures with energy- and protein-rich pasture plants for the fattening animals. For one fattening animal, a grazing area of about 1.5 hectares is calculated. All animals on the pastures have permanent access to water from large natural or artificial drinking troughs, which have an open surface that allows the cattle to drink in a manner appropriate to their species.

The high-quality beef that GVFI buys comes from grass-fed animals that have been fattened in grazing systems. This type of animal husbandry is agricultural practice in the countries of production, but is not legally prescribed and regulated in mm, cm and m2. However, through a combination of genetics, pasture, professional care and know-how, it is one of the most species-appropriate ways to keep cattle for beef production.

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A brief interview with Steve Brom

What motivates you about your job?
The wide range of activities at GVFI, but also the variety of tasks and the cooperation with the vendors and buyers.

What do you like to do best when you're not working?
I spend a lot of time with my family and am passionate about playing football as a midfielder for FC Saint-Louis.

How good a cook are you? 
I'm not much of a cook, but when I am, it tastes good to all my guests. Especially in summer during the barbecue season. A good entrecote from the grill with chimichurri sauce and chips. What else?


Steve Brom

Junior Accountant
+41 61 264 50 57

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Angus and Hereford from Ireland

More than half the surface of Ireland is used as pasture grazing for cattle and sheep. The island's location in the Atlantic Ocean combined with the effects of the Gulf Stream ensure that Ireland has a mild climate.

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Quality Management

Quality is firmly anchored in our thinking and actions. To ensure that the products meet our requirements, we carry out a series of checks. During the incoming goods inspection, for example, we check compliance with the product specification and declaration as well as the packaging and presentation of the goods.