Failsafe verification for optimal trust

Folder systemGVFI selects its worldwide suppliers according to strict criteria. 

  • natural breeding of the animals
  • animal welfare
  • certified methods for welfare
    and health of the animals
  • certification of the production under the globally recognised standard of Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)

    We purchase directly from suppliers
    and visit them and their suppliers regularly.

    So we know:
    • where the imported meat comes from,
    • how the animals are kept,
    • what the establishments look like,
    • how the processes from production to the point of shipment run.

    We guarantee a complete and rapid verification
    of the supply chain - from farm to consumers.

    Thus we can:
    • trace origin, volume, production,
    • cooling chain, etc. in case of a claim,
    • limit the effects of an incident,
    • monitor the quality and storage.