Law as a guarantee, voluntariness as a plus.

Quality is the cornerstone of our everyday thinking and acting. The foundation is a quality management system that meets the changing demands and maximum product safety. GVFI subjects all processes to constant controls and improves them if needed in accordance to our basic principle: Law as a guarantee, voluntariness as a plus.
To ensure that the products meet the requirements, we conduct a series of test:
  • Inspection of incoming goods: The compliance of the product specification and declaration as well as the packaging and presentation of the delivered goods are checked.
QA Inspection of incoming goods specificationQA Inspection microbiological analysesQA Inspection of incoming goods pH-Wert
  • Product analyses: According to a determined sampling plan - based on hazard analysis - microbiological analyses, animal species determinations as well as analyses on residues (antibiotics, growth promoters, dioxin, heavy metals) are done.
Specifications for all products marketed are available. They comply with the requirements of our customers and are entirely implemented by our suppliers. During the inspection of the incoming goods we check compliance of the product specifications.

If the customer asks for special analyses, this is registered in our sampling plan and we have the according analyses carried out by an accredited lab.