History and mile stones of the GVFI

Basel (Schweiz), 1900

1902 Foundation of Association of Swiss Livestock Importers
Foundation of Cooperative for Livestock and Meat Trading with main
purpose of commercial impor
Change of name to Cooperative for Livestock and Meat Import
Start of commercial import business - solely quota of cattle / veal / pork
for members. Step-by-step import of lambs / lamb meat / US and High
Quality Beef as well as export of Swiss meat surplus
1989 Diversification of the import range: Poultry, game and horsemeat
2000 Change of corporate form to GVFI International Ltd.
2008 Import of meat products
Foundation of the subsidiary company GVFI Europe B.V. with
Head Office in Rotterdm
Takeover of the subsidiary company Myon B.V. Shipping & Forwarding
with Head Office in Rotterdam
2010 Foundation of branch in London (GVFI Europe B.V. UK Branch)
2014 New look of GVFI
2017 Sale of Myon B.V.
2021 Change of name to GVFI Ltd