Natural habitat, natural taste

First-class game is not a matter of course. Therefore, we work very closely with our producers and processors in supplying only the best quality. By appropriate breeding, untreated feed and keeping the animals in their natural habitat the required top quality with the natural venison taste can be guaranteed.

Our venison differs in the country of origin:

  • Germany with its huge green areas and its forest and game fortune counts to the most significant regions in Europe for production of roe deer. Because roe deer cannot be bred in compound but only in the wild.
  • In Austria's forest areas – Carinthia, Salzburg, Styria and Tyrol – a large population of roe deer and venison live practically undisturbed. Controlled kill by professionally organized shoots regulate this population.
  • New Zealand breed venison similarly to lambs on outdoor farms in packs on mostly large-area meadows. The venison in its natural finish fulfils the highest requirements regarding quality, tenderness and taste.

We import venison from these countries

GVFI Importing countries venison